Welcome to Ratchet and Clank Galaxy

Welcome to Ratchet and Clank Galaxy

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This is a website completly devoted to the Rachet and Clank Series. I am updating this site daily and new updates will come soon!!!


I plan to add these following updates in the following weeks. First I am going to add some Weapon descriptions for all weapons in the series. Then I am going to add Ratchet and Clank Going Commando to the screenshot library. That is all the recent future updates.

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements

Another idea for my home page's text is notifying visitors about the enhancements I put on my site. For example, I want visitors to sign my guestbook or fill out my survey Form E-mailer to answer questions about my site, my business, or my site's topic.

E-mail me some suggestions for the site and what you think of it!!!

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